What Makes a Great Event Planning Company?

Behind every successful event, there is a great event planner. This is why it is always advisable to work with a professional event planner when planning for any important event. A good event planner will be able to put together an event that is not only engaging and entertaining, but also memorable and successful. But how do you distinguish a good planner from a run-of-the-mill one?

To answer that question, we present you the six main qualities of a great events planning company:


Your preferred events planning firm should have the experience of handling your specific event and are passionate about their work. There is little chance that a firm that has no passion for what they do will deliver a successful event.


Creativity is another essential quality of a good events planner. Namely, any great event planning company should have a team that possesses excellent creative skills. In fact, it is ingenious ideas that distinguish a great events planning company from the run-of-the-mill ones.


Outstanding Time Management

A great events planning firm should not only be well-organized but also good when it comes to time management. This is because a significant part of creating a successful event is to ensure that each and every step of the project is delivered on time. In fact, any delays can be catastrophic to your event.

Therefore, it is imperative that you ask your preferred event planning firm what kind of time management system they will adopt to ensure that you are always on track.

Customer service Skills

Event planning largely involves working with people. In that light, a great event planner is the one that keeps a level head when handling people in the process of managing an event. In fact, smooth working relationships are essential to ensure that your event is successful.

Therefore, you need to look for an event planning company that has the reputation of dealing with people well.


While everyone wants their event planning process to run smoothly and meet their expectations, you should know that sometimes, event planning comes with a wide range of challenges. In that light, it is imperative that your preferred event planning firm has the flexibility to cope in case anything goes wrong.

Therefore, before you choose an event planning company, consider asking its previous customers how the firm performed under pressure. Was the company able to adapt to unexpected situations?


Being resourceful is one of the most important aspects of a good events planner. Nothing can be more frustrating than planning a particular aspect of an event with so much caution and for so long, but it ends up not working as expected.

To avoid such embarrassing situations, it is imperative that you work with an event planning company that has the capacity to quickly and effectively come up with an alternative solution. In fact, having an event planner that has a Plan B, C, or D at hand during the event can make a whole lot of difference in pulling it off.

Likewise, it is imperative to ensure that the event manager of your preferred firm is calm and collected under difficult situations and can think and act quickly in a bid to keep your event running well.


When it comes to planning any event, finding the right events planning firm is essential for the success of your event. Therefore, when shopping for an event planning company, you need to keep these qualities in mind. This will ensure that you get a good company, such as Duarte Route 66 Parade, that will effectively meet your event’s needs.